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Part curatorial, part installation Spectrum-Gestalt brings together artists’ works from a wide variety of genres and mediums, grouping them into an expansive spectrum of color. Spectrum-Gestalt is part of an ongoing series of installation/curatorials by Australian artist/curator Airom, exploring gestalt principles.

Spectrum-Gestalt is the first of bG’s ‘Spectacle’ series at Bergamot Station March-April. Part 2 will be ‘Art of the Spectacular’ curated by Daniel Rolnik. Part 3 will be ‘Photography of the Spectacular’ in conjunction with MOPLA. bG specializes in artists who have blurred boundaries between traditionally divided art approaches in their work with a particular emphasis on bridging ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ and ‘highbrow’ and ‘lowbrow’. Bleicher Project Space in an exhibit area within the gallery that  has a focus on experimental projects and installations.

Exhibiting:  Gay Summer Rick,  JJ L’Heureux, Julienne Johnson, Charles Swenson, Lola del Fresno, Krystal Becker, Mia Loucks, Stuart Rapeport, Melissa Meier, Nancy Larrew, Mary Delioussina, Daniel Rolnik, Airom, Sharon Goe, Christopher Mudgett, Lizzy Waronker, Claudio Santini, Catherine Kaleel, Ellen Schinderman, Susan Moss, Christine Wu,  Bob Moskowitz,  Marjorie Moskowitz,  Echo Lew,  Vincent Tomczyk, Karri Ross,  Paul Torres, Cathy Weiss.

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