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Beyond The Naked Eye

Beyond the Naked Eye is an exhibit of contemporary photographers exploring the invisible nether-region beyond the spectrum of human sight.  Techniques such as x-ray, telescope, photographic experimentation, and microscope are used to delve deep into phenomena otherwise invisible to the naked eye –  bridging science and art to explore a parallel world that is as real as it is surreal.  Above 4 Los Angeles Cityscapes.  Exhibiting Photographers:  Nick Veasey, Felix Salazar, Tatiana Botton , Renée Jacobs, Stephen Confer, Janice Tieken, Echo Lew, Jeff Alu, Erin Stone, Hector Suarez, Susie Loucks,  Sean Maher, Jonathon Kambouris,  Claudio Santini,  Mallory Morrison, Organa Meets,  Tm Gratkowski,  Derek Van Oss,  David Scharf

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