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"The true symptom of Los Angeles urban Id" - Reyner Banham


“Dingbats” is a series of artwork motivated by the observation of the Los Angeles cityscapes. I spent hours driving between Santa Monica Boulevard and Olympic Boulevard trying to process those impressions. The more I was driving through those streets and avenues the better I was recognizing my subliminal images I perceived through my eyes. I realized that one of the modules of the urban texture that better characterizes those cityscapes are the dingbats. Regardless of their architectural value, the lighter connotation of these constructions is part of the collective imaginary we all have of Los Angeles. So, I thought this subjects deserves the artistic representation because of their lightness; and even if they are not worthy of being counted in the list of the most significant architectural masterpieces of America or noticed as one of the most earthquake-resistant structures in the world, they should be preserved, because without any doubt, they contribute to the identity of this town. 



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