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CLAUDIO SANTINI / Photographer

THE PASSENGER / The Mistery of Oberwald

Collage cm 40 X 60


Michelangelo Antonioni: Architetture della visione, the protagonist is Michelangelo Antonioni’s (Ferrara, Italy, 1912 - Rome, 2007) film aesthetics, analysed through his films and his work techniques. An extensive two-volume catalogue published in Italian and English has been summarised in a single volume and translated into Spanish especially for this occasion, the exhibition at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

Through a collection of images, the exhibition focuses on the frame as an information unit. For this, the ALEF studio in Rome (which already exhibited in Madrid a montage on Pasolini in 1986) has, through various technical procedures, extracted stills from Antonioni’s films from the twenty-four that pass in front of the human eye every second of film. The result is a combination that shows the wealth of information hidden in each, as well as the detail the director puts into each of his productions.

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